Mental Wellness Support Groups

We have a men’s group, a women’s group and a coffee morning, where everyone is welcome to a safe space. Our men’s group runs on a Monday evening. Our women’s group on a Tuesday evening & our coffee morning on a Tuesday. We offer a place to come and talk, come and be silent, play a game, have a biscuit and to socialise and most importantly, to not be alone! You do not have to say anything if you don’t want to, just come along!

Individual Counselling

We operate a 12 session counselling course for qualifying individuals, free of charge. To work through anything you would like to bring. A person-centred approach will always mean you lead the way. Please discuss this service further and for availability, please contact us.

Addiction Support

Addiction support is offered on a 1-1 basis with a 1-hour session allocated fortnightly. These support sessions will usually take place with a recovered addict who has in depth knowledge of addiction and recovery. This service can be used in conjunction with all of our other services.

Outreach Support

Our Outreach Support service is designed to assist local people within their own homes with basic life skills. People who have struggled with mental health issues, learning disabilities or have found themselves upon hard times. Our dedicated support team work with empathy and always bring a smile to the table. A person centred approach is at the forefront.

Our Team

A recovered addict of many years dedicated to helping others within the community.


A registered BACP member Counsellor who believes everybody should access therapy without barriers.


Outreach Support Manager passionate about supporting individuals to mental wellness.